The Hosts

Carter Wickham - Backbench Lead Host


Quinn Farr -
Backbench Co-Host

When I joined the University of Edinburgh last year, I immediately joined the EPU not knowing what was to come. Back home in Belfast, I had my own radio show and when I saw the Backbench was looking for new hosts I had to apply.  When I was selected to host the Backbench I was ecstatic with the possibility of what myself and my co-host could do in this space. A year later, I am even more excited about the future of this podcast. The expansion of the Backbench to a blog format and as a hustings space creates a new method of engagement for students. The political world over the past number of years has gotten distant and more bloated. It appears that establishment politicians are doing whatever they can to pretend to support civic engagement without actually involving a critical group of society; students. My continued hope for the Backbench is to create a space for you. A place you can come to and listen to exclusive interviews, read opinions and even write your own. Join me and my co-host (announcing soon) for a new year of Edinburgh Political Union's Backbench podcast.

My name is Quinn Farr, and I am the new Backbench Co-Host. I am an American studying Law and International Relations. Upon joining the Edinburgh Political Union’s committee as Director of Health this year, I was suddenly intrigued by the open call for a new Backbench Co-Host. Politics, at home in the US and abroad, has become much more polarizing and divisive in the last decade, and while we try to stay engaged all the time, the discourse can become exhausting, which leads many to check out. My ultimate mission with this podcast, along with Carter, is to create an engagement and energy in our university community for politics that will guide us at university and navigating the real world. As the new generation of activists, politicians, and leaders, this podcast creates space for us to expand our worldview and reflect critically upon the intersection of politics with our future. My role as Co-Host will be to widen the narratives with the topics we discuss and guests we invite, so that you listeners will be able to get an impression of a variety of topics and the opinions that accompany it. Looking forward to getting to work.