The Hosts

Carter Wickham


I’ve always loved radio. When living in Belfast I created my own political radio show which gave me the opportunity to interview leading politicians, activists and academics. I look forward to bringing what I’ve learned to The Backbench.  A little bit about me is that I am a first-year Social Policy and Politics student. I am originally from Canada, but I have lived in both America and in the North of Ireland. In recent years I was heavily involved in local politics in Ireland. Being selected to co-host this year's Backbench Podcast is an exciting opportunity to raise the level of debate from students by giving them an opportunity to participate both in the podcast and on our blog. I look forward to an exciting year of the Backbench!

Jonas Dein


When I told my dad that I would be as host at The Backbench, his response was that this was just another ‘chance to talk a lot at myself.’ How correct he is. Like Carter, I’ve always treasured the opportunity to interview and explore critical topics. I’m a Political Sciences undergrad and Public Policy postgrad who has always been drawn to debate and activism. Throughout my (slightly) earlier years, I was Speakers Officer at the Cambridge Union, hosting politicians and celebrities alike. Since leaving, I’ve spent time working at the core of a general election campaign and in Westminster, and flitted around the tech start-up world. Now returning to education for one final year of study and (COVID-restricted) play, Carter and I are building on our experience to bring you the upmost that we can. Our mission this year is to renew The Backbench. And, with some of the guests and shows planned, we hope you tune in. More, get in contact with ideas – we love to hear them.